The wooden carnival mask is a common element in many carnival expressions on the Alps from Switzerland to Slovenia.

This modern and “globalized” society presents a tendency to
cultural uniformity, thus setting aside all the
individual original expressions of a cultural heritage and the
identity of small communities.
This is the reason why enhancing the wooden carnival
mask will help us in preserving our roots; at the same time, this
would help a confrontation with different and original experiences and
would encourage in being open-minded about them.

The wooden carnival mask carries a deep meaning. It is
used to hide or to perform a rite. It is the expression of what we
are willing to be or not. It is the grotesque deformation and the
research to overcome nature’s boundaries. It is the expression of a
carver’s creativity.

So, we have gathered together all the wooden mask carvers and we have
let them meet as well as confront their experiences and techniques.
By doing this, we have helped them in enhancing their
knowledge and supporting our cultural identity in a concrete and
creative way.

Not only do wooden masks stand for our personal work, but they
are also parts of a ritual and feast belonging to a culture,
which is the wealth of community’s local traditions.

These local initiatives, which are aimed at promoting the carnival
and the carnival mask, often focus on tourism or, in any case, they
may not resist our flattening culture.

Thus our aim is to promote awareness and common
engagement in order to preserve everyone’s special
features. At the same time, we are willing to  be a unified, creative,
self-supporting movement, well aware of
its intrinsic value.

The Association of Alpine Wooden Mask Craftsmen gathers all
wooden mask carvers who have been  passionately devoting
themselves to the traditional wooden mask carving. The association is
also aimed at involving other similar experiences on the Alps
into its activity.