Alessio De Marco


Alessio shows a deep passion for wooden masks since his early years (as young as 7), participating since then in the “wooden faces of mountain carnivals” challenge held every year in Fornesighe, in Val di Zoldo.
Almost “naturally” he attended the Liceo Artistico of Pozza di Fassa, graduated in figurative arts in 2015, and simultaneously participating in sculpture symposiums in Val di Fassa and Fiemme.
After graduating, he became involved in the family cabinet-making activity and continued his artistic growth by participating in various symposia (Recoaro Terme, Valle Aurina, Belluno, etc.) and exhibiting his works in group exhibitions.
He continues to cultivate his passion for carnival masks and participates in the initiatives of the “Piodech Zoldan” of Fornesighe.
In 2019 he joined the “Mascherai Alpini”.

The wood essence that he mainly uses is Swiss pine.