Erminio Carbogno

Born in 1961 in Auronzo di Cadore (BL).
He lives and works as a carpenter-woodcarver in Padola, Comelico Superiore (BL).

He took his first steps in the use of his hands as a kid thanks to the “Piccoli Artisti” group with Don Giovanni Fozzer, his first Art teacher.
After his studies, he began the profession of carpenter-carver and later approached sculpture, self-taught.
He participates in numerous wood carving competitions in the Triveneto area, also winning some prizes. He exhibited his work in various collective and personal exhibitions.
He realizes the wooden masks for the traditional carnival of the Comelico Superiore.
He has been part of the “Arte Comelico” group for many years.

Becomes part of the “Mascherai Alpini” in 2018.

For his masks he preferably uses the Swiss pine.