Ezio Cescutti

born in 1954, lives in Magnano in Riviera (UD), Italy.

Ezio Cescutti is a well-known painter. He turned to the typical masks from Tarcento, the Tomats, a couple of years ago. In 2008, he attended an introductory course about the sculpture of masks and soon showed greatest talent and ability. His art education helped him a lot in doing this, even if it was acquired in other fields.

His masks are grotesque and deformed, but always focus on wearability. Their finishing is always of great impact owing to the master craftsmanship with which masks are painted. Over the last years, he has often used satirical scenes of the traditional carnival of Tarcento, the so-called “strits”,

Ezio Cescutti joined the Association of “Mascherai Alpini” in 2009.

He especially uses Lime Tree wood for his masks.

email:  eziocescutti@libero.it