Franco Sale

FRANCO SALE – 1950 – Mamoiada (NU)

As a youngster, he began to get involved in the parades of “Mamuthones”, a fundamental and striking figure of the Sardinian carnival, gradually learning to identify with his magical personality.
In the early ’90s he began carving his own masks, at first with some difficulty because of inexperience, then gradually more and more with technical and artistic satisfaction and results. Particularly substantial was the enhancement of internal proportions to allow for prolonged use and proper breathing.
His masks are very close to the classical Mamuthones, and aim for a constant search for techniques and methods of the local popular tradition.
He became member of the Association “Mascherai Alpini” in 2012.
Carver deeply passionate about all types of wood, of which he makes personal experience, he produces his traditional masks, mainly using the alder wood.