Pompeo De Pellegrin

POMPEO DE PELLEGRIN – 1968 – Forno di Zoldo (BL)

Pompeo De Pellegrin was nearly twenty when he first approached mask carving, being involved in the initiatives of the local “Piodech Zoldan” Association. Over the years, he has been directly involved in organising the local “Gnaga” feast, which annually takes place in Fornesighe in early February, and in its mask carving competition.

His masks are displayed in many cultural events both in Italy and Germany.

As a calm and meditating carver of traditional “Zoldan”-type masks, he is one of the co-founders of the “Mascherai Alpini” Association.

He mainly uses Swiss Pine and Willow wood for his masks.

email:   pompeo.depellegrin@alice.it