Sergio Micco

SERGIO MICCO – 1935-2018 – Tarcento (UD)

Sergio Micco is both a senior member and a co-founder of the “Mascherai Alpini” Association. He began carving his masks when he was a young man. At that time, mask carving was still a very widespread activity in town. After his long emigration, he began carving again in the 70s. Since then, he has created hundreds of masks, most of which are now part of private collections both in Italy and abroad.

Sergio Micco can be considered the creator of the most authentic tradition of “tomats” or “buritine”. He usually draws inspiration from deformities and knots of raw material. He has taken part in several videos about the mask tradition in Tarcento, which were on the air both in Friuli Venezia-Giulia and Slovenia.

He uses several kinds of wood, from Lime Tree Wood to Alder, Elm, Cherry Tree and Willow Wood.